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Broken Hill has a great variety of shops, art galleries and boutique outlets. There are two shopping Centres featuring major supermarkets and cafes.

Argent Street the heart of Broken Hill
Argent Street, Broken Hill's impressive main street


Argent Street is Broken Hill’s vibrant main street and the heart of the city. Life in early 20th century Broken Hill was as fast paced as any big city. More than 30,000 people lived here by 1905 and on any given day, many of them could be seen bustling up and down Argent Street, the showpiece of Broken Hill’s new wealth. The generous width of the street was originally to help bullock trains turn. Once the domain of the city’s steam trams, it now offers an enticing selection of restaurants, cafes, boutiques and other specialty shops.


An equally charming precinct on the south side of the city is Patton Village. This delightful row of shops and services stand opposite a quiet park that early last century resonated with the sounds of Broken Hill’s highland and brass bands. Back then, Patton Street was one of the city’s most active commercial centres. It boasted blacksmiths, bootmakers, fruiterers and even an undertaker. Even today, many of the shops today are straight out of the 1950s, like the famous Bells Milk Bar, which has been making malted milks and soda spiders the traditional way since 1892.

Bells Milk Bar is a highlight in Patton Street
Bells Milk Bar is a highlight in Patton Street, Broken Hill


On the second Saturday of every month, the bustling Community Markets offer all sorts of goods for sale, from fresh fruit and vegetables to gourmet meats, jams, pickles, cakes and biscuits, as well as Asian food, chocolates, sweets, and even olive trees. Take your pick from souvenirs, toys, clothes, paintings, folk art and engraved glass while you enjoy a classic outback barbecue.


From casual cafes and elegant restaurants to picnicking in one of the city’s beautiful parks and gardens, there are plenty of cuisine choices in Broken Hill. Supporting the city’s dining culture is an abundance of dedicated food producers like Santalum Quandong Farm, makers of premium jams, sauces and chutneys. Others include Broken Hill Gourmet Products, which make Australian Outback olive oil, and Limestone Station which produce Kalamata olives and olive oil along with pistachio nuts, carob products, roasted capsicum, antipasto and an assortment of plenty more. You’ll also find all these delicious products for sale in quality stores throughout Broken Hill, in nearby Silverton and at Broken Hill’s famous Community Markets.

Australian Native Quandong
Australian Native Quandong


Bells Milk Bar is a step back into the 1950s

Bells Milk Bar is a Broken Hill icon and must visit during your stay. The Bells Milk Bar team has been dishing out its famous milkshakes, sodas and spiders for decades. Stepping inside the milk bar is like stepping back in time with the original 1950s décor still on show and the ‘latest’ hits from that era still playing.

You can easily lose track of time in this treasure trove of creativity where you’ll spy something new in every corner. The Silver City Mint and Art Centre Is an eclectic mix of artistic talent, big and small in the heart of Broken Hill.

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